Welcome to the Scout Savant blog! My name is John - the titular Scout Savant - and I’m a jack-of-all thrifts and auction whisperer. I love scouting for unique finds that are hidden at the bottom of a boxed lot or covered with a layer of dust. I know a little (or a lot, depending on who you ask) about everything - hence Scout Savant.

Are you someone looking for input and tips on buying secondhand and flipping your purchase? Or maybe you’re looking for some minor thrift shop and auction house reviews, with a focus on the East Coast and the Mid-Atlantic region. Maybe, if you’re neither of those, you’re just someone looking for an entertaining and informative read on the thrifting, flipping, and auction process. I’ll compile notes from my travels and finds here for you to read and enjoy.

Whatever your itch, I’ve got all manner of secondhand adventures on my Scout Savant blog. Help yourself to all the pro-tips, reviews, and ‘picker potential’ ratings - and feel free to check the Hotdog Counter to see how many hot dogs I can kick back at weekend auctions before I keel over (or gain 500 pounds).

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