This place was awesome. You might be familiar with consignment shops as having worn dresses, old jewelry of varying value, and so on. Not so with Why Buy New? Consignment. This was a well curated shop with just the good stuff - and it was very, very good stuff. Tons of vintage collectibles, fun fashion, jewelry, hifi equipment, you name it.

If you’re a biker or collect motorcycle stuff, this is the spot for you: there was a particularly impressive collection of Harley-Davidson and general biker gear, as well as a collection of boots..

With all the definite pros, you’re probably wondering - what’s the catch? It’ll cost you. Though they had all of the good stuff, the prices were not cheap.  I didn’t try to haggle on anything, not here. I would imagine that they are open to wheeling and dealing, but they would have laughed my lowball offers right out of the front door.

NO picker potential

Zero. These folks are picking pros. Don’t expect to get a steal, but do expect to find a ton of stuff you want.