I wasn’t planning on going out Sunday morning, but I woke up with that itch to buy. No point in fighting the inevitable, so I headed out to Patriot Auctions, out in West Virginia, to see what I could see and win what I could win.

Parking was tight, which wasn’t surprising when you saw that the lot was shared between the auction and an automobile junkyard. On the bright side, it was a Sunday, so the junkyard was closed and wasn’t generating any competition for the limited parking.

The auction items themselves were definitely worth coming out for, especially considering I went in on a whim with no expectations of anything. The box lots were A+, a great mix of eclectic things I’ve never really seen before. I bid up a couple, and got burned on at least one. Another one of the bidders had been bidding on (and winning) every box lot in sight, and he managed to snatch a lot featuring a brand-new-in-box Vitamix blender. Right under my nose! I had to settle for a box with some Newport and Camel shirts - which, honestly, isn’t such a bum deal. Tobacco and smoking collectibles have their own fanbase, and the right items in the right condition can be desirable. Aside from those, I scored a giant DVD lot for around $5, and I’m banking on being able to resell them for more than that a piece.

I didn’t hang around very long, but I didn’t really need to in order to scoop some cool things. I came, I saw, I scored. And I scratched that pesky bidding itch.

Pro tip

High, since I did see a guy get a brand new Vitamix in the box for $5.