Awhile back, I went to an amazing auction in the middle of the woods, in the middle of nowhere (more on that specific auction another time), and scored a trunk full of vinyl records. This would probably be an awesome score to most people...except I don’t really like disco, and I ended up with several hundred LPs that practically exuded polyester clothing, platform shoes, and bad hairstyles. I ended up spending the night cleaning mold off my new records and being subtly irritated by the throb of second tier-late 70s disco.

From that trunk comes this Featured Find: a rare, sealed “Please” 12” disco record.

So here's the thing: there is really no compelling reason why this should be an expensive record, save for the fact that disco enthusiasts seem to love this jaunty little number. That, and the condition of the record (still sealed), were major selling points.

The piano riff was later sampled by another popular dance artist decades later. I personally had never heard of either tune until I sold the record. Here's a link if you feel like listening to some disco.