It’s pretty much a given that you will always get top price for stuff in top condition, duh. Generally, collectors who’ve spent a ton of money tracking down their desired prize (in untouched condition, of course) safely add it to their collection and promptly move on to hunt other items on their list. Then, on the other hand, there are some loonies - like myself - who open up an item and enjoy it. I buy records, and I tend to look for records in the best shape. When I find sealed copies, I open them up and play them. Nothing short of blasphemy to some collectors, but hey, you can boss me around when you start paying for my records.

Collectors of vintage skateboard hardware tend to fall in the same category as me. I had a good score a month or so ago where I picked up a huge duffel bag full of vintage skateboard odds and ends; it was a hell of a pick and I managed to really sell some fantastic stuff out of it. In the collecting world, “new” old items are often referred to as “New Old Stock” or “Deadstock.” It’s my suspicion that the skateboard parts were not from a collector, they were just from someone that liked to skate, had a bunch of stuff, life got busy and they ran out of time for the sport and their gear languished in their parents garage until they relented and said “fine mom/dad just get rid of it, it’s all junk anyway.”

Not true.

It was actually really awesome stuff, and I sold it to many skateboard enthusiasts who were faithfully building true vintage longboard and street skateboards to ride around and enjoy. It’s funny, since there are inherently fewer of these items in this top condition, every time one sells it’s likely the cheapest it will ever sell for. Since in this regard, all the mint condition items are going to be mounted to a board and dragged across cement until they are worthless.


So what were some of the primo scores?

  •          - Several pair of vintage G & S chromoly trucks
  •          - Rare Sims wheels, a set of bowl riders and pure juice.
  •         -  Vintage Powell Peralta wheels
  •          - Misc vintage risers, truck/tail/nose guards
  •          - Really nice pair of vintage Tracker trucks