There is a lot of terminology for collectibles out there that, let’s just say, you may need to be “in the know” to understand. ‘Deadstock’ could be considered one of those terms. Don’t worry - it doesn’t involve anything dead in the literal sense.

Deadstock – This is merchandise that was never actually sold, but it still in its original packaging or has original tags attached.

NOS – This is a common abbreviation for “New Old Stock” which is essentially a shorter way to say “dead stock” in your item title.

Sanforized – OK, this is a strange one. Basically this is the old school way of saying “pre-shrunk.”  Most every article of clothing we buy these days is “pre-shrunk,” unless you are buying raw denim that is shrink to fit.

So what would be considered ‘Deadstock?’ And why are people collecting it?

The most common Deadstock to think of is vintage clothing. For example, I picked up some great Fruit Of The Loom Men’s Pocket Tee Shirts, which are Deadstock items. They were in their original packaging and in really great condition. A collector of Fruit Of The Loom or vintage packaging / advertising may be interested in these. These both did really well for me – the beige one went for $40.97 and the gray one went for $32.20.