Fan of mid-century Danish design? Of course you are.

One of my favorite designers -  primarily known for his work with Dansk - is Jens Quistgaard. If you’re a fan of Dansk designs, you’re probably already familiar with his work. If not, you should know he’s most well-known for kobenstyle cookware, which celebrity chef Jamie Oliver uses pretty regularly. Quistgaard is also well known for his teak salt & pepper mills.

As we’ve already established, I’m a big fan. I’m not the only one by a long shot, though, and that’s a big part of why you should keep your eyes peeled for Quistgaard pieces. He’s pretty much the embodiment of mid-century organic forms in Danish design. His work is incredibly pleasing to the eye, and scores of collectors agree. For what it’s worth, his is the only peppermill that I have at home.

So, now that you know why you should get it, let’s talk about the where. Well, honestly, you can pretty much find Quistgaard anywhere, starting with thrift/auction/garage sale. His designs are also still being commercially produced by Dansk. Just look for his initials on the bottom of Dansk piece to attribute it, his initial are IHQ. Get yourself some, and get to flipping on eBay. The collectors are waiting.