As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, ceramics are a special weakness of mine. They’re versatile, they’re valuable (in some cases) - what’s not to love? Today, I wanna talk a little bit about some special ceramics I always keep an eye out for: Boch Keramis

Boch Keramis, or Boch Freres, was a ceramics producer located in La Louviere. They’re a very different variety than the still-producing and much more well-known Villeroy & Boch. This piece for sale on Scout Alley was likely produced in the “fantasy” studio of Charles Catteau after he started working for the company in the 1920s. He was a master of art nouveau ceramics, and was well known for his period designs and glaze work that emanated from the fantasy studio.

Why am I a fan? Cause it’s purdy. Just kidding - it was really far-out and innovative compared to what was being produced especially in America where the arts & crafts movement had a lot of what I would consider to be aesthetically bland characteristics.  These pieces are bold and pretty different from other work being produced around that time.

Where can you scout it, you ask? I have a piece I found years ago in a thrift shop in Texas and picked up for a dollar, most of these pieces are either spotted by luck or sourced from serious ceramic collector auction houses. Their production run was small and short-lived so they are quite rare.