For those of you who don’t (or can’t) remember, the 90s were a great time for music. I’m probably biased because I was around to enjoy all of the new fun stuff that was coming out back then. It wasn’t all good - the 90s had more than their fair share of dud artists and albums we’d rather never talk about again - but we’re not taking a trip down that memory lane today.

Anyway, as good as the 90s were for music, it was terrible for LP collectors. The CD and the cassette tape were king, so pressing plants were closing, being torn down, etc. That being said, I’ll buy just about any record pressed between 1993-2004 to resell. They were pressed in such scarce quantities that people will pay ridiculous amounts for them. Just take a look at what Tom Petty's "Wildflowers" sells for - they did a limited repress in 2016, and even those sell for $200+. Even if it’s some dog of a record from that era, there is a good chance that a collector is on the hunt for it.

Around that same time, people were dumping their vinyl at thrift stores like crazy, so I was able to cash in and buy amazing records for almost nothing. While those days are long gone, I still hope that the thrift stores will again be flush with wax one day when people once again tire of the hobby and move on to something else.